Freight Forwarding

Pet-Han  provides first class freight forwarding service to it’s clients. we provides end-to-end solution by deploying logistic support through each of the export process to the final destination.

Project Forwarding

Our project forwarding service involves vendor managing at origin and consolidation in hubs all over the world.  We ensure project cargoes are shipped on time and within budget

Maritime Engineering Solution

We have a wealth of experience in Maritime Engineering solution and our dedicated personnel have over 20 years of knowledge and commitment.


Our haulage and distribution process is the best you can trust in the world. Ranging from haulage contractor, common carrier, contract carrier, or private carrier which also  includes the horizontal transport.

Consulting & Projects

Our professional personnel are available for consultation and training to provide a develop world-class service incorporating superior technical expertise and innovative technology.

Logistics Solutions

Our logistics solution  provides effective and efficient service that guarantee client’s goods get to the proper destination by the planned date and in good condition.

Who we are

Pet-Han Logistics & Commercial Services Ltd was established in 2014 by Mr Pater Oladoye and since in it’s inception, has grown into a thriving multi-million dollar business.

we are a fully integrated logistics services provider operating in Nigeria.

There companies in its  portfolio are:

1. Pet-Han Logistics Shipping and Commercial Services (PLSCS).

2. Pet-Han Express Logistics (PEL) and

3. Pet-Han Maritime Limited (PML)